Freelance Writers/Bloggers Wanted

After launching my site  just one month ago, it has already received 6.5 million page views - my mission for this website is to spread the message that whatever we go through, we are never alone. My blog is designed to feature articles that provide inspiration to special groups of people who are dealing with the challenges that life brings, and to provide different insights to those facing such challenges.

My mission is also to support the writer. I would like to keep building with a team of people where their personal touch and originality will never be diminished. 

I am searching for very passionate, original writers who have a skill in writing about relationships, personality types, lifestyle, and daily stru...ggles.

I am offering 20 percent net profit generated from each original piece that I approve and publish. The profit will depend on the number of views of your article(s). 

Message me if you're interested!

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