But You Are Already the Woman He Never Deserved​​​​​​​

The best part about him was and always will be you. One day you will realize this.

It won’t be today. It won’t be next week and maybe it won’t be next month -- but there will come a day when you’ll realize that what you thought was a tragedy was in fact a blessing in disguise.

That doesn’t mean it will be easy. It’s going to take hard work. You have to re-shift all your focus. It will take healing and it will take patience. Patience with yourself. Patience that for a little while it will be an internal battle, an emotional roller coaster. This is normal. Because unlike him, you are present.

You must have patience that at first healing means ebbing and flowing between being so happy it’s over, to missing him like crazy to hating him. You’ll be consumed with love one minute, to the next minute anger flowing through your veins like poison. You’ll hurt over what they put you through and how you let this happen. But have no regrets. It will get better. But you have to fight for it.

The hard part will be powering through. I know right now you feel like you can’t live without him. But your heart will beat again. You feel like you have bruises that will never fully heal. But the only way they won’t heal is if you keep allowing him back in your life.

Remember - you are already the woman he never deserved. You are alive, you are affectionate, you are benevolent. You are strong, you take risks. You are honest. You are the opposite of him.

Always remember why you are where you are now: you deserve so much more than what you were given. Remember all the pain he caused. All the lies he told. Remember all the self-worth and drive he took away.

One day the fog will subside and you’ll see him for who he truly is. You’ll realize that some people touch our souls and it is out of our control; but love is like a thick haze blinding us from realizing that some people are just not ready and not worth our time.

When someone mistreats you and puts you through hell for so long they might break you temporary. But the same storm that will break you can also make you.

Sometimes our hearts have to be broken for new light get in. Because when we feel so desperate and out of control, that’s when we change our life. That's when we're more alive then ever before and start thinking about what we truly want. But you have to be patient and you have to fight like crazy. To not go back and instead move forward. 

Fight this battle of fully moving on now and live the rest of your life happier than ever before.

The choice is yours.