This Is Why the Strongest Girls Suck at Being in Relationships

She is so used to never needing anyone. This is the the girl who never settles, not even for a night. 

She is so good at being single because she’s so good at taking care of herself. She doesn’t need a savior because she is the one always doing the saving. She knows her worth because she’s been through hell and back dealing with someone who didn’t. 

She doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit, she relishes in her independence. She does what she wants, when she wants to, without asking permission or informing anyone. She’ll laugh at boys who try to play her; she’ll never miss a beat. 

But with the strongest girls, there is so much more beneath the surface. 

Her charm is effortless, she’ll make anyone laugh, feel comfortable and understood - but it takes her so long to feel fully comfortably. If there is an achilles’ heel with the strongest girl, it’s being vulnerable. The truth is, she is so good at being single because she loves the control. She can’t handle relationships because she’ll only commit if she’s crazy about someone. And when she loves, she loves with her entire being. 

She’s not good at trust. Trust means letting go. Love means giving someone the ability to destroy you, but trusting them not to. That terrifies her. You see the thing is, with the strongest girl, she’s this tough because she had to be. Something happened that made her build up all these walls - someone taught her that no matter how much they might love you, they can always leave. And that scared her more than anything. She has a big fear of the unknown. 

This is the girl who can do anything, she’s bulletproof, but intimacy is her kryptonite. To her, relationships equal insecurity. Alone she can rule the world. But for some reason when she gives her heart away, the uncertainty starts. 

She doesn’t want to be jealous. She doesn’t want to control anyone. She hates it. And that’s why she prefers to be single, because when she loves, it’s so hard for her to not try to control the relationship, to not have anxiety every time they don’t respond to her calls when they’re out - “Let it go. You’re worrying for nothing” she reassures yourself. She tries so hard to fight her demons. But anxiety always seems to win. 

So she’ll test you. She’ll be stubborn. She’ll even try to sabotage the relationship. This is how she protects herself. This is her running away from her strong emotions. 

This is her ending it because she subconsciously thinks all good things come to an end anyways, and better to get out while she’s not in too deep. She’s a challenge for anyone I admit, and the deeper you get with her, the more complexity you’ll see. But when you clothe her with your words, when you fight for her, you’ll be changed forever. 

You see her love is so powerful, and I promise you, no matter how much she denies it, all she wants is for you not to let her let you go.