Your Friend Isn't a Real BF Until: The 12 Stages of Boundaries -263K Shares

Friendship starts out so sweet and respectful. You start off being so nice to each other and then before you know it you’re teasing each other about everything and your conversations go from “look at these cute shoes” to “do you really like anal?” in under five minutes. When a friend becomes a best friend boundaries get dropped real quick.

Stage 1: The nice phase.

This phase involves telling everybody about this girl that you met that’s just like, perfect. This is your honeymoon phase and it won’t last long. 

Stage 2: Omg I just saw her, is it too clingy to ask her to hang out two days in a row phase.

This stage usually involves testing how weird you can be with each other and being self-conscious about how many texts you can send without looking desperate.

Stage 3: I can finally be myself. Thank god. I couldn’t pretend to be normal much longer phase.

You will text your friend 37 times in a row and feel no shame. 

Stage 4:  Lezbehonest phase.

This phase involves the awkward moment when you and your best friend act more like a couple than you and bae do. Like when bae comes to pick you up and you’re like, damn he’s like 10 minutes early. I was having so much fun why couldn’t he come later.

Stage 5: Your eyebrows look weird phase.

The days of telling each other what you want to hear are long gone. This is the stage where you’re close enough to tell each other what you need to hear. 

Stage 6: Getting comfortable enough to show your psycho mode phase.

Like when bae doesn’t respond to your texts and your over-thinking psycho side goes 0 to 100 real quick, “god, I am so annoyed that he would hypothetically do that!!”

Stage 7: Getting comfortable enough to get psycho at each other phase.

This is the stage where you fight like sisters and you test the fuck out of each other. Your crazy bitch side bout to shine bright like a diamond. 

Stage 8: Getting comfortable enough to be a hoe phase.

The moment when you see your best friend being a hoe but that’s your best friend so you’re like, go head.

Stage 9: Private detectives phase.

You will spy for each other and find out everything. Friend: Who? You: Look at his Insta. Friend: Found the bitch. I’m on it. 

Stage 10: Being Gross Phase.

Literally no convo is off limits. You will fart in front of each other and eat pizza like a savage while talking about the weirdest shit.

Stage 11: Letting your friend read the texts from your fight with bae phase.

You send her maybe 50 screenshots of texts. She’ll know what to do.

Stage 12: Typing up convos for each other phase.

You then meet your friend’s bae and you think, hi I know everything about you. I’m the author of your texts. And yes I’ve seen your dick pics. Muhaha. Definitely no boundaries left. You’ll be friends for life. 

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