The Strongest Girls Are The Girls Whose Father Wasn’t There

She’s strong, because she is in a constant battle with her heart. It’s telling her that she shouldn’t get too close. That she will get hurt. That she can’t afford to just let her walls down.

She’s strong, because she fights that feeling everytime someone gets too close. Love scares her. When she finally starts to feel safe with someone, she questions it. How can she not? When the one man in the world who should have never hurt, hurt her the most, it’s fair game for anyone else.  

He didn’t teach her that people don’t leave when things get hard. That people fight for what’s worth fighting for. He taught her that no matter how much someone may love you, they can leave. And that scared her more than anything. But it didn’t stop her, it made her strong. It shaped her, it’s made her who she is. It’s given her walls, maybe they’re built up the highest, but she can’t afford to break her heart again.

She learned to be happy on her own. She doesn’t need anyone’s approval, she never takes anyone’s shit. She’s independent, goes after what she wants - fearlessly, without caring about the approval of others. When she’s hurting, she picks herself up. She pushes through her fears the hardest - because she has the most to lose. She will never let her fears win, because that means he will win. And he’s already taken too much from her. 

She’s so driven because she often feels like she’s out of control of her emotional life. She tries to compensate for her fear of the unknown. 

She’s strong, because when she loves, she loves unconditionally. She has so many walls, but that’s because she cares, too much. She's afraid to let down her walls because she's afraid of what will happen if you might leave. She enters relationships wanting them to last, thinking subconsciously, they probably won’t. But that’s her armor speaking, that’s how she protects herself. 

She’s the strongest, because she never had him to teach her not to be afraid, teach her to be open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. Teach her patience and teach her that the important things last. She's the strongest, because never having him, could have broken her, but instead it made her resilient, badass, though she doesn’t always see it. 

She is the strongest, because she will never let her demons win. She might push you away the hardest, but she is also the girl who cares the most. Her strength is a double edge sword. She’s enigmatic, and can’t stand being vulnerable. But no matter how much love scarred her, she is the girl who will always love you the most.