This Is the Kind of Love You Should Wait for

Take your time. The right guy won’t go anywhere. Before you let him sweep you off your feet, get to know his mind. Get to know his heart. 

Don’t listen to his words - listen to his actions. Saying “I love you” before he’s about to lose you is not enough. Because if he only does what it takes to be with you when he’s about to lose you, he’s not afraid of losing you. If he only sweeps you off your feet to get you, and not when he already has you, he doesn’t deserve you. 

You deserve a real love, not just the facade of it, because a guy who isn’t afraid of losing you, a guy who only wants to chase you for the thrill of it, doesn’t understand your value. And you should never, ever waste your time with someone who doesn’t see all your layers, all your magic. You don’t need a guy like that. You don’t want a guy who would risk losing you.

Before you let him sweep you off your feet, make sure his heart is as deep and complex as yours. Because the moments that stay with you forever are not the moments of “perfection” - they are the moments of rawness. The moments when you fall in love with each other’s imperfections - when you love each other in all your weirdness, because it’s so much more powerful than anything “perfect.” Because it’s in those moments when the shield comes down, when you’re scared and vulnerable, that you understand what it means to truly love someone, to be in love with someone.  

But you can’t have that with someone who isn’t ready for it, who may not even have the ability for it. 

Before you let him sweep you off your feet, make sure he is prepared to catch you when you fall. The candlelight dinners, the romance, the grand gestures of love, you deserve it all. But it’s not what’s important. The important moments are when he doesn’t leave when things get hard, when life becomes overwhelming, when you’re lost and confused and don’t know what to do next. You deserve someone who reminds you of your greatness, of your resilience - someone who builds your confidence back up. 

Wait for the guy who is strong enough to catch you. Who’s secure enough not to seek validation when you fall on hard times. 

Any guy can sweep you off your feet, but it takes a special man to know that loving someone means remaining faithful when things aren’t working in that moment, when you fight, when there’s doubt. It takes a special guy to understand what love truly is - and to fight for it when he’s found it. 

Wait for the guy who knows that love isn’t shiny and perfect. Love is unfiltered. Love is the 3am fights between people who give a shit, the reddened eyes full of emotion, the intense conversations that make you feel understood, that challenge you, push you to think and be better. You deserve a man who understands that love is frustrating the shit out of each other and then stopping to gaze at them because you think, this is the problem I want to have. 

Wait for the guy who loves your emotions, your vulnerabilities, your imperfections. Wait for the guy who makes your whole body laugh. Wait for the guy who makes you feel like being with you is just the start of his liberty, not the end. Wait for the guy who wipes your tears away as your walls come down that you spent years crafting. Because that’s the real romance that’s dying - the romance of caring about what moves you, what scares you, what makes you, you. The romance of taking the time to break down your walls.

You don’t need a guy who puts on a facade of sweetness and charm. You don’t need anyone to sweep you off your feet if they don’t know how to catch you.