To The Friend Who Never Let Me Quit 

Never leave a friend behind. Friends are all we have to get us through this life–and they are the only things from this world that we could hope to see in the next. – Dean Koontz

Let’s be real, we love our families, but in my darkest times, when I wanted to give up, when my confident, feisty nature, full of fire, slowly gave way to an insecurity, dimming smaller and smaller until I almost lost myself, it was you who lit me back up.  

It was you who never let me quit. When others told me my dreams were crazy, you said, fuck em, don’t listen, you can do anything. You supported me, you showed up, so proud and injecting me with the belief that I was amazing. You hugged my soul and when I needed a kick in the ass you told me to stop whining and never give up. You never let me feel sorry for myself. You gave me that push, that dose of confidence that I needed more than anything. You told me no, you’re not quitting. 

And because of you, I didn't. 

It was you who picked up the pieces after my heartbreak. You made me smile through my tears while helping me realize that everything would be okay. No matter what was going on in your life, no matter how mad you were at me, when I needed you, you were there in a second. You hugged me and told me that everything happens for a reason. And it did. 

You have no idea how much you saved me. 

When I was overthinking, you told me, stop you’re freaking out for nothing, he’s a good dude, he won’t do anything to mess it up. Because you’re not really best friends until you can tell each other when you’re being crazy. You saved me from myself.

When I didn’t want to trust anyone, you tore down my walls. You made me live in the moment. You loved me at my worst. You taught me that the right people who deserve you will never give up on you. You saw my shine when I didn’t. 

So friend, thank you. I would have never survived without you. You’re the family that I chose and no matter what happens, no matter how complicated life will get, I will always love you.