What You Never Thanked Your Grandma for

Very few things are as pure as a grandma’s love - her love is unconditional, demand-free, fluid and effortless. There is nothing you can do to break her love for you. Her heart is selfless, her intentions are genuine. She is the anchor that keeps you grounded; she always puts you first.

She is the breath of fresh air when everything is chaos around you; every time things fell apart she gave you the perspective and words of wisdom you needed to get back on your feet. A grandma always knows what to say to lift your heart. When you feel like the whole world is against you, she knows exactly what to do to pull you through an an impossible tornado.

Your grandma always took those few extra minutes to make things special for you. Everything she did was out of love. When she baked your favorite dish, braided your hair, told you stories that will be a part of you forever, it was purely out of love. She always planned ahead for you, giving you the attention to make you feel like the most beautiful and special girl in the room. She is your biggest fan. 

Her wisdom and class is one of a kind. Her sharp tongue and acerbic wit always keeps you laughing and in awe; she somehow always knows the true motives and feelings of others. Your grandmother taught you the best life lessons - what would you do without her advice? 

She came from a generation where people’s word mattered; when people were thoughtful, took their time and did things right. Your grandma always keeps her promises and teaches you to do the same.

She inspires you to stay strong and focused; to never let anyone distract you from your dreams. Your grandma taught you that once you believe in yourself and know your worth, no one can take that away from you. Her wisdom and strength, it has shaped you. 

She taught you patience, in a world where everyone is going way too fast. Grandma, you keep me grounded. You show me what really matters in life. Thank you. I love you.