How to Create Successful Blog. Google AdSence

Step 4

Google AdSense

I spent a lot of time trying to find a perfect ad program. There are quite a few out there. But I believe Google AdSense beats them all. So, just trust me and my research and use them. Do not sign up for any programs, ad managers or anything like that. Just use Google AdSense, get traffic on your blog and you will be fine. Learn here what is Google AdSense

1. Sign up for Google AdSense

Make sure that you use the address where you can get mail because they will send you a pin in the mail. They pay after 21st of the second month that you start running your site. They will finalize your earnings after the first of the month that you started. Finalizing might take away a lot of money for invalid traffic, but I will talk about this later. They pay only if you earned 100 dollars or more on that month.

2. If you have a You Tube account where you run ads on your videos, link it together with AdSense right the way.

2. Watch some of the help videos of how to set up ads

3. My tip - larger size ads pay more because they are more visible to the customers, but they look ugly. So, have 2 resizable ads and 1 large one. AdSense pays for visibility of ads AND clicks. 

Make sure you click the text AND image options on ads and also make sure the ads are good for mobile phones.

5. Create Custom Channels - they generate more money. Watch videos on how to do it.

4. You must follow AdSense rules. If you don't follow them, they will ban your website and return all the money that you made to the customers. Its very sad. :( So please read this twice!

Google AdSense Rules

Never, ever ever click on your own ads! Ask all your friends to stay away from ads. Google will ban you for this. In the first month I was developing a site I did not block the ads on my browser and I got much less money from ads than I expected. Don't make my mistake! Block the ads on the browser that you are using by installing Ad Blocker. To view the ads you can go to a different browser once in a while and make sure that everything works.

Place no more than 3 image ads per page. Yes, the footer counts, the right side counts, everything counts. Per page means per page. 

Good news. You can put 3 additional link ads, which are different from the image ads above. (watch videos on how to do it).

OK. Now its time to put everything together.

Place Google AdSense codes on your pages. Good practice - place the first code after 2-3 paragraphs of your article. This way your readers will not be appalled by ads jumping at them when they first view your blog. 

Now your blog is fully set up, it has few articles, ads, and is ready to be promoted on social media. 

Ste 5: Generating Traffic to your Blog.