20 Things Only Overly Attached Pet Owners Will Understand

1. Your biggest nightmare would be to break up with bae...

2. And never see your pet again.

3. You are prepared to fight to the death for full custody should this ever happen...

4. You have no shame about bribing your furry friend with treats to get more love and affection.

5. You also have no shame watching them sleep...

6. ...And maybe taking a few pictures of them sleeping.

7. ..Okay, a lot of pictures. Your whole phone is basically filled with them. 

8. If they don't like a new friend, or potential love interest, the chances of the relationship going anywhere are slim to none.

9. ....Okay, there's no chance at all.

10. You use your pet as a people screening device more times than you would ever admit to. 


11. You catch yourself being THAT person who constantly shows pictures of their pet to people...

12. But let's be honest, you also give zero f*cks.

13. I mean c’mon, It would be unfair to not share such cuteness and perfection with the world! 

14. You make plans to be social earlier in the week, but then the day comes and your pet gives you that look like don't leaveee me, I neeeed you - and you're like, dammit. 

15. You cancel plans because of that look. It's not Netflix that's keeping you in, it's your beloved pet.

16. When you do make it out, a part of you always feels guilty like, I should be home! What if *insert name of your precious pet* needs me!

17. You get irrationally jealous when you friend comes over and your beloved pet shows them more attention. You look at your pet like, traitor. You then slyly break up the interaction.

18. Cuddling sessions with your pet generally end with them struggling to get away and you hanging onto them for dear life wanting to scream, I CLEAN UP AFTER YOU, I FEED YOU!!! ALL I WANT IS YOUR LOVE!! 

19. Your pet then gives you a look like, get off me bae. Get it together. We've been through this. 

20. But you know deep down your furry best friend loves you unconditionally and you'll never stop treating them like the big ball of pure perfection that they are.