To My Best Friend with a Baby

We went through every single stage together. From our honeymoon phase where I remember telling everybody about this girl that I met that’s just like, perfect (that didn’t last long) to finally being ourselves because we couldn’t pretend to be normal much longer. Then we fought like a couple, laughed till we cried, we typed up convos for each other and no boundaries were left. 

And then this very new stage happened, so bittersweet and so incredible beautiful, the end of an era but the beginning of the most exciting new journey. 

You’re a mother, the most powerful thing in this world and I admit I’m freaking out a bit because it literally feels like just yesterday that we were getting drunk on the dance floor, feelin’ ourselves hard on our ratchet song and ain’t nobody was ready for our moves. 

You are literally my family, and because you’re my sister, by default that makes me the baby’s auntie. I will love your baby so much. I can’t wait to meet them and to babysit and to make them laugh with my silly dances and faces. I will be there when they grow up, when they grow out of their teeny shoes and need help picking their first Nikes.

I will be the first person that your kid comes to to vent about you (haha) I will tell them stories about their mama - how you’re the funniest and strongest person I know. How they don’t see it now, but you get mad because you care so much, and they should love you for that huge heart of yours because you’re just trying to protect them - I've met a lot of people but their mama is special. You’ve lived a lot and you’re one wicked smart, badass woman. You only want the best in the world for them.

And if you fall on hard times, I will remind you of everything you have. I will remind you to stop worrying so much when your baby grows up too fast and it’s their first day of school. In high school, I will remind you how they got their wild spirit from their mama and you have to trust that everything will be okay because you raised someone as smart and as strong as you. Your child will never be a conformist - and that might cause some waves but you know better than anyone that the most extraordinary characters always do. Most importantly, you are going to be so proud of who they are.

I will be there for your child’s first heartbreak. I will tell them about how mistakes are inevitable in a life worth living and how this is just the beginning of their incredible life. I will help them with their homework and with their friend problems. I will tell them about all the greatest memories (well maybe not all... wink) I had with their mama and how everything happens for a reason. When they’re old enough, I will introduce them to all the classics - we’ll have Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad marathons and pig out on the couch. We will talk about everything and I will love them more each day.

Most importantly, I will be here to remind you what an amazing mother you are. You created this whole new life (still can’t get over it) this beautiful human being, and you will always be the light of their world. You will always have me for the greatest moments and for the not so great moments where I will make you smile and remind you of the love you infinitely have.

We will never be boring - we will still have our crazy nights and girl trips and we will always make time to drink wine and be weird and laugh about how stupid boys are. We will always be us - our family is just growing, our adventures just beginning.

You’re a mother my love, and I am so, so happy.