14 Slightly Dirty Stuff That You Can Only Say to Your Best Friend

Friends are polite with each other, but best friends are totally ratchet with each other. 

1. You: I miss him. Friend: You guys were so cute together… BFF: fuck that asshole. Stab him. I’ll bail you outta jail. 

2. Friends talk about shoes. Best friends go from “look at those cute shoes” to “would you ever peg him?” in under 5 minutes. 

3. A friend will tell you should wait to sleep with him, take your time. Only a best friend will tell you, have a slutty phase, it builds character. 

4. A best friend will never ask if it’s too early to drink wine. 

5. Friends call each other by their first name. Best friends call each other hoebag as a sign of endearment.

6. You basically made up your own language. If anyone would listen to your conversations they wouldn’t know what the hell you were saying because you literally talk in inside jokes.

7. She will always pretend to be your lesbian lover to save you from fuckboy at the bar.

8. She’ll also tell you when the guy you’re dating is a fuckboy while all your friends are like, omg he’s so cute.

9. 80 percent of your conversations are screenshots of zooming in really close on a picture of someone’s face. Y’all are both going straight to hell.

10. You tag your friends in cute pictures of shoes and handbags on Instagram. You tag your best friend in the most perverted, deranged and sexual stuff. 

11. Only a best friend knows what’s in your goodie drawer. 

12. BFF: the other day Becky said the funniest thing. You: Who the hell is Becky? If she calls you her best friend I'mma fuck me up a bitch.

13. A best friend will ride in your car no matter how many times you nearly killed them.

14. Good friends discuss their sex lives. Best friends will send each other nakey selfies being all like, "Is this hot enough to send to him?"