It’s Impossible to Date a Strong Woman And Have it Be Easy

A strong woman is intense. She isn’t “well-behaved.” She doesn't settle. She’s not going to be easy, but she’ll definitely be different.

When you meet a strong woman, you will know. She’ll raise the bar for how you should treat a woman. You won’t be able to get away with the things you always use to. She isn’t afraid to challenge you and if you keep disrespecting her, she’s not afraid to leave.

She isn’t “sweet” and she isn’t “nice.” She’s so much more. But you have to be patient with her. 

Trust me when I say that she’s this tough because she had to be. To take risks, to go after the life you want instead of living what is easy and expected of you, to speak your mind no matter what the consequences, that’s never going to be a simple girl. A “chill girl."

She likes to be challenged back, and she secretly likes when you put your foot down. But calling her ‘dramatic’ or ‘demanding’ won’t get you very far. It’s not dramatic she takes no shit, it’s not demanding when she says something when she feels disrespected. It’s called self-respect. Knowing your worth. And she won’t be “low-maintenance” just to appease someone’s ego or keep the peace at any cost.

If you want easy, if you want normal, if you don’t want to put in effort, you’re dating the wrong girl. But normal and easy won’t ever change your life. Normal and easy is boring. 

Yes, sometimes she’ll argue with you at inopportune times. She’ll think about everything - maybe a little too much. She’ll drive you crazy at times. But it’s because she is who she is that you’re drawn to her.

Believe me when I say she has more love and layers that she knows what to do with. She argues with you because she cares too much. She’s with you because she sees you as nothing short of extraordinary.

When you date a strong woman, it won’t be easy. If you want smooth sailing and predictability, that’s not going to be her. I can tell you right now she won’t just accept what she gets if that means sacrificing her needs. This is the girl who's made her own rules in life. This is the girl who challenges herself every day. 

Her exterior, her shell, can be very tough to break because she’s used it as protection for so long. Her fiery nature makes her interact with the world a little bit differently than others, while it can be stressful, it will make your relationship that much more meaningful. And if you're willing to fight for her, to break down her walls, there's no shortage of magic she will bring to your life every day. 

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