Why Strong Women Have Such A Hard Time Finding Love

Strong women are challenging. They don’t put up with not getting everything they deserve. They are rarely “well-behaved” - they set boundaries with people and they go after the life they want to live, instead of being restricted by what is “correct” and expected of them.

They don’t care about rules. They loathe the concept of how things “should be” - they do things their way. It’s not that other people’s opinions don’t matter; it’s just that they’ve learned to love doing what they want, without needing anyone’s approval. They’re stubborn, independent, almost too independent - and while this is a great thing on its own, this quality in close relationships can create currents. 

They will never just agree to keep the peace at any cost, they will never feign disinterest for the sake of looking “cool,” and while this is a special quality, not everyone can handle it. Not everyone is ready for it. Their passion can often be misconstrued, and no matter how much someone might love them, their fiery qualities can be too intimidating and much for some people to handle. 

Strong women expect a lot. From themselves, their friends and their partners. They give a lot, so they expect a lot in return, too. They love and live and feel intensely, so as a result they find themselves completely unable to settle. Settling leaves them feeling conflicted and distressed, and because they are too passionate to settle for anything less than soulmate love, they’re often on their own. 

While their passion makes them so fascinating, it’s important for them to realize that many of their romantic interests won’t have developed their inner self as deeply as they have. Not everyone is as strong as them, and subsequently, can give them what they need in the long run

A strong woman will have baggage. There is always a reason behind such strong armor - and normally it’s protection. Something happened that made her grow up fast; she had to be tough to survive. Life gave her some challenging experiences that’s made her evolve fast, but there is still a lot of pain there, too. It’s important to realize that unresolved issues can often reveal themselves in close relationships; one has to confront them, and be open to let someone else in in order to beat them.

This won’t be easy for them, for strong women are used to dealing with issues all on their own, but in order to be truly happy, they have to try to let the right person in to help them take down their walls. They need to realize that underneath all their strength, there is a big fear of not being good enough for something, or losing it, and while they can rule the world with their passion, they need to have patience, too.

Patience for finding the right person to match all their layers and qualities, patience with the right person when they do find them, and especially, especially patience with themselves.

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