10 Things You Learn From Having a Strong Boyfriend

“A boy makes his girl jealous of other women, a strong man makes other women jealous of his girl.”

1. You learn how to date. A strong man knows what satisfaction looks like. He knows what it sounds like, what it feels like. He doesn’t need attention and validation from the opposite sex because he is sure of himself. A strong man will only commit when he’s crazy about you. He will
teach you that dating the right person is not the end of your liberty - it’s just the beginning of it. 

2. You learn to relish in your strengths. A strong man loves your strengths and isn’t intimidated by them. Actually, he inspires you to ignite in your passions. He isn’t scared by a challenge - he doesn’t want easy; the girl who’s sweet but uninspiring. He understands that he fell for a girl who is opinionated and smart, who doesn’t always agree. He knows you can be difficult - but he also knows that the easy girl will never satisfy him. She will always leave him wanting more.

3. You learn that arguing is caring. A strong man challenges you because he cares. He’s full of passion and opinions and big dreams for the future. He will never let you get away with slacking on your talents. You learn how much you need to be challenged at times - to grow, to be better. 

4. You learn how to love. A strong man chooses you - over and over again. Through every fight, he chooses you. Through every temptation, he chooses you. He teaches you patience, in a world where everyone is going way too fast. He doesn’t give a shit about other “options” - because he knows the difference between an illusion and something real. 

5. You learn the true meaning of “no bullshit.” You learn how someone should fight for you. You learn it’s not the thought that counts. It’s the actual execution that matters, the showing up for you. A strong man doesn’t let his rough edges be an excuse to stop appreciating you - he won’t let his past, pride, demons, the fact that he’s scared, be a validation to stop fighting for you, making an effort for you. 

6. You learn to love your imperfections. A strong man will love your imperfections because he has learned to love his. He teaches you that love isn’t perfect - love is having all your imperfections fall in love. That’s love. 

7. You learn how to walk away from the things that are not meant for you. You learn how to keep going even when the whole world is against you. A strong man is a total badass because he’s been through hell and back and knows when to say “fuck you” to the people who doubt him. He doesn’t live his life for others. He’ll teach you to do the same. 

8. You learn the value of a true connection. A strong boyfriend will remain faithful when things aren’t working in that moment, when you fall on hard times, when you struggle, when there’s doubt. He will love you as much then because he knows that a true connection comes once in a lifetime - and he won’t let anything get in the way of it. 

9. You learn that you can be both strong and soft. The strongest men are the most sensitive because empathy takes the most amount of strength. He will teach you that even though you’re so strong, it’s okay to fall into his arms whenever you need; without the fear of being vulnerable.

10. You will learn trust. He will wipe your tears as the shield you spent years crafting comes crashing down. He will listen intensely when you talk about the moments that made you, you. He will give you his whole heart. He will show you the moments of magic that happen when you’re unfiltered, raw, completely yourself, showing him your whole heart. He will love your crazy because it matches his in just the right way. 

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